Tradiitional DApp stands for Decentralized Application. It's an application that runs on a decentralized network, typically a blockchain network。DApps utilize smart contracts, which are self-executing code deployed on chain. Nodes of blockchain automate and enforce the rules of the application without third-party intermediaries. It also comes with certain limitations:

  1. Blockchain networks on which DApps are often built, suffer from scalability issues. As the number of users and transactions increases, the network may become congested, leading to slower transaction processing times and higher fees. User experience of DApps can sometimes have a steeper learning curve and less intuitive user interfaces compared to traditional applications. This can be a barrier to massive adoption for mainstream people who are not familiar with blockchain technology.

  2. Storing data on a blockchain can be expensive. This can limit the scalability and cost-effectiveness of DApps, particularly for applications with high data storage needs.

  3. Each transaction on a blockchain incurs a cost, typically in the form of gas fees or transaction fees. For DApps that require frequent transactions, these costs can add up and make the application less economically viable for users.

We introduce DAgent, the DApp 2.0, which built on LLM technology, to tackle the challenges of DApps. By storing memory vector on-chain and integrating off-chain plugins, we greatly enhance application scalability. There are advantages:

  1. Innovative Interaction: DAgent employs an end-to-end approach where users accomplish tasks through chat, requiring minimal specialized knowledge.

  2. Cost Reduction: The cost of model execution shifts from on-chain to off-chain, converting Gas costs into GPU runtime. Memory vectors are stored on-chain, ensuring the verifiability and trustworthiness of the entire process.

  3. Information Processing Capability: DAgent can receive off-chain information in real time with personalized customization plugins .

  4. Real Smart Applications: Lowering the development threshold through the Chain-of-Thought approach enables the creation of diverse applications.

DAgent can enrich on-chain applications, potentially giving rise to a new ecosystem spanning across models.

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