Although many large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT perform well on natural language processing tasks, the unique data feature in the crypto industry pose significant challenges for these models. As a result, there is an urgent need to develop a LLM designed for crypto with strong cross-dataset/task generalization capabilities. To address this issue, we propose the CryptoInstruct dataset, which is the first dataset of its kind tailored for the crypto industry, containing 3 million instruction dataset. CryptoInstruct expands data scale and task diversity by constructing atomic tasks related to fundamental data types in the crypto industry, such as project information and industry knowledge. These atomic tasks, known as Chain-of-Task tasks, represent intermediate tasks implicitly involved in solving the final task.

By fine-tuning the base model Llama3 with CryptoInstruct dataset, we have developed CryptoGPT and trained it at different parameter scales. Benefiting from the fundamental semantic understanding obtained from chain-of-task tasks, CryptoGPT demonstrates outstanding zero-shot generalization capabilities. Extensive experiments and human evaluations indicate that CryptoGPT outperforms ChatGPT in cross-dataset/task generalization on tasks related to the crypto industry.

The data is sourced from publicly available data and historical information obtained through public web crawlers, spanning from the birth of Bitcoin in 2009 to now in 2024, providing a comprehensive record of the entire history of the crypto industry.

CryptoGPT can be used for decision making, serving as a helpful assistant for general users and a powerful tool for professionals in their work.

Investment / Speculation

Investor (Primary market)

Investment institutions or qualified investors seek to find promising projects for early-stage investment. They are interested in project team members, roadmap, development progress, fundraising, and other factors, aiming to identify projects with high potential.

Trader/Speculator (Secondary market)

To be primarily focus on the fluctuations of the secondary market. They are in favor of market analysis, technical analysis, and market news.


To engage in on-chain and off-chain arbitrage and mainly care about price differences and arbitrage opportunities.

Airdrop hunter

To find potential airdrop opportunities for new projects, and earn the reward at the lowest cost


To discover new mining opportunities, reduce mining costs, and get information about mining rigs

Crypto Project

Management team

To be aware of potential market, new innovations, breakthroughs, and the competitive landscape

Operation team

To make project operation planns and new strategies that can attract more users

Media editor

To write, polish, and accumulate information to create popular articles


To discover protential projects listing token and Identify scam projects

Web3 Developer

Contract Developer

To develop DApp based on smart contract

Web3 security auditor

To analysis of smart contract vulnerabilities and project vulnerabilities.


NFT issuer/ Crypto artist

To create NFT issuance and learn how to attract more players

NFT player

To find new potential NFTs and make profit

GameFI / Metaverse

Crypto gaming guild

To make profit by playing games and pursue high ROI

Crypto game player

To have fun

Regulation / Policy

Lawyer/ Compliance team

To be informed of crypto industry regulations enacted by various countries, and compliance measures for project



To provide followers with practical insights and reviews on web3 project.

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