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Make Crypto Wisdom Eternal

Fifteen years ago, the birth of Bitcoin marked the beginning of an era of decentralized assets.

This period has seen significant developments in the field of decentralized asset applications, giving rise to a groundbreaking concept: Web3.

Distinct from the traditional internet, Web3 embodies a decentralized network framework, representing the forefront of internet innovation. While theoretically appealing, the practical adoption of Web3 is still in its early stages, hindered by numerous challenges.

These include technical intricacies, user adoption barriers, legal complexities, and integration issues with existing network infrastructures. So its path to massive adoption is far from complete.

Meanwhile, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is evolving at an extraordinary pace. Innovative applications, such as ChatGPT, have seamlessly integrated into various facets of daily life, ranging from electronic devices to autonomous vehicles, and from healthcare diagnostics to financial services.

The growing impact of GenAI is driven by substantial investments and an influx of talent, propelling its development forward.

These advancements are narrowing the gap between human and machine interaction, fostering new market opportunities.

We believe that GenAI will not only be a key factor in the widespread adoption of Web3 but also offer solutions to the privacy and data security issues. This synergy suggests a mutually beneficial relationship between GenAI and Web3.

So Bytom, dedicated to asset tokenization, will focus more on data asset. We propose a new form of assets, a new way of interaction, and a new way of thinking. Our belief is twofold: AI innovation holds the key to the massive adoption of Web3, and conversely, Web3 innovation can address prevailing challenges in AI development.

In light of these insights, we are initiating the third phase of Bytom — the Bytom DAO. As a non-profit organization, Bytom DAO will concentrate on content applications and the organizational structure of digital assets within the Web3 ecosystem.

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