The New Roadmap

The following key milestones are outlined:

1. Suspension of Bytom Blockchain Applications and Token Migration

To facilitate this transition, we will suspend all operational applications on the Bytom Blockchain and conduct a comprehensive token migration.

2. Shutdown of Bytom Blockchain and Node Withdrawal

Subsequently, the Bytom Blockchain will cease operations and provide a seamless withdrawal process for staking nodes.

3. Transition to TAC Management

This TAC will take over all daily management and authority of Bytom Foundation and accomplish a complete transition to a DAO model over the next 6 months, effectively handing over the control right of the project to the community.

4. Launch of DAO Governance Mechanism

The TAC will be responsible for unveiling the DAO governance mechanism and initiating the community voting process. Upon approval through voting, the mechanism will be officially implemented.

5. Implementation of DAO Governance and AI Ecosystem Fund

Once the DAO governance mechanism is operational, the AI ecosystem fund will simultaneously be launched, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the Bytom DAO era.

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